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Committed to the development and research of fluoride series and its various subdivided products

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【Fluoride salt series】

Foreign trade:+86-512-52320512 , 52321899  Contact: Chen Jianhua +86-13776066848 , 13812811271
Domestic trade:+86-512-52320517  Contact: Chen Longyuan +86-13506237273

Major advantages

Brand originates from quality Xinhua Chemical expects long-term cooperation with all customers


Scientific quality management system to ensure product quality

  • Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd.Since its establishment in July 1992, it has established a strict scientific enterprise management system.
  • Our company has passed ISO9001 quality management system certification and ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and has become a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a Changshu polymer new material industry base.
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Scientific quality management system to ensure product quality


Forming an enterprise development mode of integration of production and research

Committed to the development of new products_

The company pays attention to cooperation with relevant scientific research institutions at home and abroad, is committed to the development of new products, and cooperates with Shanghai Fuluda Rubber Material Technology Co., Ltd. Forming an enterprise development model integrating production and research...


In 2003, Changshu New Chemical Co., Ltd. established Inner Mongolia ChangFeng Chemical Co., Ltd. in Inner Mongolia. The main production of fluoride salt series, the annual output of nearly 10,000 tons...


 • Have a scientific enterprise management system  • Jiangsu High-tech Enterprise and Changshu Polymer New Material Industry Base

Changshu Xinhua Chemical Co., Ltd.is located in the high-tech fluorine chemical park of Jiangsu province. Since Xinhua was founded in July 1992, Xinhua has setup well-operated enterprise management system and successfully certificated to ISO9001 quality management system and IOS14001 environment management system successively. Now, Xinhua is a Hi-Tech Enterprise of Jiangsu province and a base of high molecule industry of Changshu city.


Our business scope:
Fluoride salt series: potassium fluoroaluminate, ammonium hydrogen fluoride, potassium fluorosilicate, potassium fluorozirconate, ammonium fluorozirconate, potassium hydrogen fluoride and potassium fluoroborate, etc.;

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